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Heroes for Hire

The Darkwater adventuring company is lead by an opportunistic Dwarf named Tarn. At some point each of our main characters has crossed paths with Tarn as he roams the edges of civilization in search of two things: Able-bodied adventurers and vulnerable towns facing threats from nearby villains.

Tarn has assembled a group of relatively green recruits to send to the trade town of Winterhaven. Earnest Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven has made a deal with Tarn for a substantial sum to help clear out a nearby nest of kobold and goblin attackers that have been ambushing the trade caravans coming into the small farming town. Attacks from the savage kobolds and goblins have gotten particularly fierce of late and the town is beginning to suffer economically. Tarn knows the threats Kobolds can pose when assembled in great numbers. He is also aware that such a challenge is a great way to get new recruits some much needed experience.

The heroes he has recruited for this mission arrive in the town of Winterhaven with a minimum of supplies and a sealed letter to present to Lord Padraig upon their arrival.

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