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9/23 Summary

We arrived back in Winterhaven without incident. Douvian Staul was returned to his wife, which netted the party 250 XP and 500 GP. A trip to the markets relieved Relic of the miscellaneous gear it was packing and made our purses heavy with gold. Those purses were quickly lightened as we purchased a set of dwarven platemail for Insman Sevenoaks and an enchanted greatsword for Relic.

Insman checked in with Martha at the temple to get any additional information about Kethelas and the party headed north to deal with the kobolds in their lair.

As we approached the cave entrance, Thorn detected a party of kobolds awaiting our arrival. With sound tactics we took them down easily.

Foes: 10 white kobold minions, 2 red (dragon shields), 1 kobold slink, 1 slinger


  • 2 dragon scale shields
  • 2x short swords, 11x spears, 20x javelins
  • 4 GP, 17 SP
  • 115 XP

As we prepared to enter the lair, the party heard screaming, shouting, and general chaos. We entered in formation and found 13 more kobolds waiting for us (10 minions, 3 skirmishers). The party split into two elements and proceeded to dispatch with efficiency. When the foes numbered only four, they started to retreat deeper into the cave. We pursued only to discover more foes emerge as a war horn sounded.

Their leader emerged from a tunnel at the rear of the cave. The goblin was named Irontooth – a scarred, tattooed goblin with dual battleaxes. He was accompanied by another wurm priest, three kobold soldiers with spears, shields and mail (tougher than dragon scale).

After a long fight, the foes were slain. The party moved outdoors and camped for the night.


  • 20x javelins, 3x tiny suits chain mail, 2x heavy shields, 4x light shields, 1x worthless bone mask, 2x battle axes
  • a silver key on Irontooth in a pouch with a message scroll (Kalarel to Irontooth about rift opening in a few days; a spy in Winterhaven)
  • chest: 420 GP, magic suit of chain mail
  • 12 GP, 48 SP
  • 250 XP
8/27 Summary

Set out from Winterhaven, heading south to find the missing archaeologist Douvian Staul. Our tiefling warlock drank a bit too much mead in the common room last night, so we left her in the inn to recover.

Just south of the town gates we ran into a kobold party at the crossroads, laying in wait. Thorn’s scouting ahead of the party detected them before the ambush. We slew the party, resulting in the following gains:

  • a bone mask, shaped to look like a dragon
  • 3 dragonscale shields
  • a dragon figurine necklace, etched with the symbol of Orcus
  • 5 gp, 23 sp
  • 125 xp

Once we reached the dragon burial site, we engaged a group of henchmen, a gnome rogue, two drakes, and a projection of the priest Kethelas. Defeating them, we found Douvian tied up; we healed him, looted the corpses and headed back towards Winterhaven.

Results from the second skirmish:

  • small crate containing an ancient mirror
  • Douvian’s amulet: +1 amulet of health (fort, refl, will), +5 vs poison
  • 65 gp, 13 sp
  • 135 xp
8/12 Raw Event Log
  • Party on the road to Winterhaven
  • Thorn (ranger) scouting ahead notices something / someone behind two large boulders, notifies party
  • Party prepares for combat
Turn One
  • Mororles (monk) waits
  • Insman Sevenoaks (paladin) moves forward ahead of group, prepares to charge enemy
  • Uns (shaman) moves spirit up to him
  • Kalee (warlock) moves forward to main group line and shouts a challenge of friend or foe
  • Thorn attempts to flank boulders, detects 4 kobolds behind one boulder (2 w/ spears, 1 w/ shield & sword, 1 w/ sling)
  • Spear-kobold-1 charges Thorn
  • 5 kobolds appear around 2nd boulder (3 spears, 1 shield, 1 sling)
  • Kalee notices they have dragon scale shields
  • Insman charges shield-kobold-1, misses
  • Thorn assigns quarry at charging spear-kobold-1, s-k-1 hits for 4 dmg, Thorn counters with Two-Fang Strike for 41 dmg, kills spear-kobold-1
  • Relic (warlord) assigns commander’s strike to Insman, moves forward 5
  • Insman crits shield-kobold-1 for 10 dmg (not significant damage)
  • 2 spear-kobolds attack Relic for 8 dmg
  • 1 spear-kobold attacks Insman for 0 dmg
Turn Two
  • Mororles moves up to Relic & 2 kobolds, attacked with 5 Storms burst, 11 dmg to first, 7 dmg to second, killed both
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, misses, shifts right
  • shield-kobold-2 moves to flank Insman, attacks, hits for 8 dmg, is marked
  • Insman marks shield-kobold-2, attacks with Holy Strike, misses, shifts away
  • Kalee stays put, curses shield-kobold-2, casts Eldritch Blast, hits for 14 dmg (not significant damage), moves 3 squares N to enter shadows
  • Uns summons companion forward, spirit attacks shield-kobold-2 with Protecting Strike, misses, moves forward to companion
  • sling-kobold-1 moves towards Thorn, sling-kobold-2 moves towards Insman
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn with exploding goop for 7 dmg, immobilizing Thorn
  • sling-kobold-2 attacks Insman, takes 6 dmg, is on fire
  • Thorn quarries kobold, attacks with Twin Strike for 24 dmg, kills it, fails saving throw
  • Relic shifts, casts Inspiring Word on Insman for 10 pts healing, attacks shield-kobold-2 and misses
  • spear-kobold stabs at Insman, misses
Turn Three
  • Mororles moves to sling-kobold-2 and attacks with Open Gate of Battle for 29 dmg, kills it (‘he punches it in the face and its skull caves in’)
  • shield-kobolds shift to close on Insman
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, hits for 9 dmg, marks Insman
  • shield-kobold-2 attacks Relic, takes 7 dmg from Insman’s Divine Challenge, is now bloodied, hits for 4 dmg, marks Relic
  • Insman hits shield-kobold-2 for 7 dmg, takes 2 dmg from fire, saves vs fire
  • Kalee moves forward 3 to stay concealed, attacks shield-kobold-2 with Glow of Ulban, misses
  • Uns moves companion adjacent to Insman, takes 8 dmg on attack of opportunity, kobold takes 7 dmg from Divine Challenge, casts Healing Spirit on Insman for 10 pts, Relic gains secondary heal of 5 pts, casts Protecting Strike vs shield-kobold-2 and misses
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn and misses, retreats behind boulder
  • Thorn breaks free of his immobilization, moves to get an angle on sling-kobold-1
  • Relic uses War Forge Resolve to gain 3 temp pts, uses Wolf Pack Tactics on shield-kobold-2, misses
  • spear-kobold stabs at Insman, misses
Turn Four
  • Mororles moves towards Insman, attacks spear-kobold and shield-kobold-1 with 5 Storms, spear dies. shield takes 11, is bloodied.
  • shield-kobold-2 attacks Insman, hits for 8 dmg and is marked.
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, hits for 6 dmg.
  • Insman casts Sacred Flame on shield-kobold-2 for 5 dmg, it dies. Mororles takes 4 temp pts.
  • Kalee curses shield-kobold-1, attacks with Warlock’s Curse, hits for 13 dmg.
  • Uns casts Healing Spirit on Insman, heals for 10 pts, heals Relic for 4 pts. Attacks shield-kobold-1, misses.
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn, hits for 7 dmg, is bloodied.
  • Thorn leaps onto boulder, attacks sling-kobold-1 with Sudden Strike, hits for 5 dmg, bleeding, slowed, kills it. Marks shield-kobold-1.
  • Relic moves closer to shield-kobold-1, heals Thorn for 10 pts, attacks with Wolf Pack Tactics, hits for 7 dmg, kills it.
  • 10x javelins (4 used for head-mounted)
  • 2x dragon scale bucklers
  • 5x spears
  • 2x short swords
  • 4x mysterious globes from the slingers. Kalee identifies 3 as fire pots, 1 as glue pots.
  • Short rest
  • Thorn detects tracks, attempts to stealth up
  • Party moves towards Winterhaven, enters town, presents to Lord Earnest Padraig
  • Info gathering around town and farms, 3 side quests picked up
  • Nighty night

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