An Elven hunter from the far north, Thorn is seeking relics stolden from his clan generations ago.


Therin is a young Norn (eskimo) of medium build. He wears the hide of a great Wallrus (including the tusks to protect his face). He carries his arrows with him everywhere. A quiver is attached to each leg, another to his arm, and several are carried on his back. He has another quiver concealed on his person, having learned never to travel without a weapon.

Therin has an ‘Eskimo’ view of the world:
• Anyone from the south is a ‘warmlander’ (no matter the race), and warmlanders are weak and dishonorable (not to be trusted). Some may be exceptional, but most are not to be trusted.
• He never speaks when a motion will do. Speaking in the north pulls water from the body and weakens the hunter. This is trained into all Norn children.
• Nature is a bitch who will kill you if she can


A Quest for Freedom.
Therin (Thorn in the tongue of the warmlanders) was born in the icy tundras of the north. His people, the Norn, lived among the icelands, hunted walrus and sea fowl, and speared the great whale-fish that breached the icy wastes. It was a good life, good for generations, good as long as the eldest storyteller in the village could recall.
All this changed when the ice-worm came, A creature with teeth of a shark that radiated cold, it demanded sacrifice from the people, every year a young one would be fed to it’s ravenous hunger, or the ice-worm would freeze the village, slaying as it went. Last melting (summer) Therin’s sister drew the black lot and was fed to the worm.
The people’s weapons useless against the worm, Therin sought the wisdom of the ice witch to guide his vengeance. The witch told him of an ancient artifact of his people, long lost to the warmlanders, that might bring down the ice worm. This is the bow Ineuki (sorrow) and the quiver Minneyar (memory). These artifacts were lost to the warmlanders in a war years past.
Therin received the blessing of the ice witch, that he might understand the warmlanders better, and set out to the south.


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