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9/23 Summary

We arrived back in Winterhaven without incident. Douvian Staul was returned to his wife, which netted the party 250 XP and 500 GP. A trip to the markets relieved Relic of the miscellaneous gear it was packing and made our purses heavy with gold. Those purses were quickly lightened as we purchased a set of dwarven platemail for Insman Sevenoaks and an enchanted greatsword for Relic.

Insman checked in with Martha at the temple to get any additional information about Kethelas and the party headed north to deal with the kobolds in their lair.

As we approached the cave entrance, Thorn detected a party of kobolds awaiting our arrival. With sound tactics we took them down easily.

Foes: 10 white kobold minions, 2 red (dragon shields), 1 kobold slink, 1 slinger


  • 2 dragon scale shields
  • 2x short swords, 11x spears, 20x javelins
  • 4 GP, 17 SP
  • 115 XP

As we prepared to enter the lair, the party heard screaming, shouting, and general chaos. We entered in formation and found 13 more kobolds waiting for us (10 minions, 3 skirmishers). The party split into two elements and proceeded to dispatch with efficiency. When the foes numbered only four, they started to retreat deeper into the cave. We pursued only to discover more foes emerge as a war horn sounded.

Their leader emerged from a tunnel at the rear of the cave. The goblin was named Irontooth – a scarred, tattooed goblin with dual battleaxes. He was accompanied by another wurm priest, three kobold soldiers with spears, shields and mail (tougher than dragon scale).

After a long fight, the foes were slain. The party moved outdoors and camped for the night.


  • 20x javelins, 3x tiny suits chain mail, 2x heavy shields, 4x light shields, 1x worthless bone mask, 2x battle axes
  • a silver key on Irontooth in a pouch with a message scroll (Kalarel to Irontooth about rift opening in a few days; a spy in Winterhaven)
  • chest: 420 GP, magic suit of chain mail
  • 12 GP, 48 SP
  • 250 XP



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