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8/27 Summary

Set out from Winterhaven, heading south to find the missing archaeologist Douvian Staul. Our tiefling warlock drank a bit too much mead in the common room last night, so we left her in the inn to recover.

Just south of the town gates we ran into a kobold party at the crossroads, laying in wait. Thorn’s scouting ahead of the party detected them before the ambush. We slew the party, resulting in the following gains:

  • a bone mask, shaped to look like a dragon
  • 3 dragonscale shields
  • a dragon figurine necklace, etched with the symbol of Orcus
  • 5 gp, 23 sp
  • 125 xp

Once we reached the dragon burial site, we engaged a group of henchmen, a gnome rogue, two drakes, and a projection of the priest Kethelas. Defeating them, we found Douvian tied up; we healed him, looted the corpses and headed back towards Winterhaven.

Results from the second skirmish:

  • small crate containing an ancient mirror
  • Douvian’s amulet: +1 amulet of health (fort, refl, will), +5 vs poison
  • 65 gp, 13 sp
  • 135 xp


Never get into a drinking match with a 9 fingered Dwarf.

8/27 Summary

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