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8/12 Raw Event Log

  • Party on the road to Winterhaven
  • Thorn (ranger) scouting ahead notices something / someone behind two large boulders, notifies party
  • Party prepares for combat
Turn One
  • Mororles (monk) waits
  • Insman Sevenoaks (paladin) moves forward ahead of group, prepares to charge enemy
  • Uns (shaman) moves spirit up to him
  • Kalee (warlock) moves forward to main group line and shouts a challenge of friend or foe
  • Thorn attempts to flank boulders, detects 4 kobolds behind one boulder (2 w/ spears, 1 w/ shield & sword, 1 w/ sling)
  • Spear-kobold-1 charges Thorn
  • 5 kobolds appear around 2nd boulder (3 spears, 1 shield, 1 sling)
  • Kalee notices they have dragon scale shields
  • Insman charges shield-kobold-1, misses
  • Thorn assigns quarry at charging spear-kobold-1, s-k-1 hits for 4 dmg, Thorn counters with Two-Fang Strike for 41 dmg, kills spear-kobold-1
  • Relic (warlord) assigns commander’s strike to Insman, moves forward 5
  • Insman crits shield-kobold-1 for 10 dmg (not significant damage)
  • 2 spear-kobolds attack Relic for 8 dmg
  • 1 spear-kobold attacks Insman for 0 dmg
Turn Two
  • Mororles moves up to Relic & 2 kobolds, attacked with 5 Storms burst, 11 dmg to first, 7 dmg to second, killed both
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, misses, shifts right
  • shield-kobold-2 moves to flank Insman, attacks, hits for 8 dmg, is marked
  • Insman marks shield-kobold-2, attacks with Holy Strike, misses, shifts away
  • Kalee stays put, curses shield-kobold-2, casts Eldritch Blast, hits for 14 dmg (not significant damage), moves 3 squares N to enter shadows
  • Uns summons companion forward, spirit attacks shield-kobold-2 with Protecting Strike, misses, moves forward to companion
  • sling-kobold-1 moves towards Thorn, sling-kobold-2 moves towards Insman
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn with exploding goop for 7 dmg, immobilizing Thorn
  • sling-kobold-2 attacks Insman, takes 6 dmg, is on fire
  • Thorn quarries kobold, attacks with Twin Strike for 24 dmg, kills it, fails saving throw
  • Relic shifts, casts Inspiring Word on Insman for 10 pts healing, attacks shield-kobold-2 and misses
  • spear-kobold stabs at Insman, misses
Turn Three
  • Mororles moves to sling-kobold-2 and attacks with Open Gate of Battle for 29 dmg, kills it (‘he punches it in the face and its skull caves in’)
  • shield-kobolds shift to close on Insman
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, hits for 9 dmg, marks Insman
  • shield-kobold-2 attacks Relic, takes 7 dmg from Insman’s Divine Challenge, is now bloodied, hits for 4 dmg, marks Relic
  • Insman hits shield-kobold-2 for 7 dmg, takes 2 dmg from fire, saves vs fire
  • Kalee moves forward 3 to stay concealed, attacks shield-kobold-2 with Glow of Ulban, misses
  • Uns moves companion adjacent to Insman, takes 8 dmg on attack of opportunity, kobold takes 7 dmg from Divine Challenge, casts Healing Spirit on Insman for 10 pts, Relic gains secondary heal of 5 pts, casts Protecting Strike vs shield-kobold-2 and misses
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn and misses, retreats behind boulder
  • Thorn breaks free of his immobilization, moves to get an angle on sling-kobold-1
  • Relic uses War Forge Resolve to gain 3 temp pts, uses Wolf Pack Tactics on shield-kobold-2, misses
  • spear-kobold stabs at Insman, misses
Turn Four
  • Mororles moves towards Insman, attacks spear-kobold and shield-kobold-1 with 5 Storms, spear dies. shield takes 11, is bloodied.
  • shield-kobold-2 attacks Insman, hits for 8 dmg and is marked.
  • shield-kobold-1 attacks Insman, hits for 6 dmg.
  • Insman casts Sacred Flame on shield-kobold-2 for 5 dmg, it dies. Mororles takes 4 temp pts.
  • Kalee curses shield-kobold-1, attacks with Warlock’s Curse, hits for 13 dmg.
  • Uns casts Healing Spirit on Insman, heals for 10 pts, heals Relic for 4 pts. Attacks shield-kobold-1, misses.
  • sling-kobold-1 attacks Thorn, hits for 7 dmg, is bloodied.
  • Thorn leaps onto boulder, attacks sling-kobold-1 with Sudden Strike, hits for 5 dmg, bleeding, slowed, kills it. Marks shield-kobold-1.
  • Relic moves closer to shield-kobold-1, heals Thorn for 10 pts, attacks with Wolf Pack Tactics, hits for 7 dmg, kills it.
  • 10x javelins (4 used for head-mounted)
  • 2x dragon scale bucklers
  • 5x spears
  • 2x short swords
  • 4x mysterious globes from the slingers. Kalee identifies 3 as fire pots, 1 as glue pots.
  • Short rest
  • Thorn detects tracks, attempts to stealth up
  • Party moves towards Winterhaven, enters town, presents to Lord Earnest Padraig
  • Info gathering around town and farms, 3 side quests picked up
  • Nighty night



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